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At Pappas Financial, our proven planning strategies help our clients reach their goals, whether their goals are personal, business-related or a combination of both. We listen carefully and ask appropriate questions to completely understand the family, estate, group benefit and investment issues involved. In this way we are able to recognize each person or company’s unique situation and apply our expertise to best meet their needs.

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Pappas Financial is an independent, privately owned firm with strong, long-term alliances with leading independent national organizations such as M Financial and affiliation with United Benefit Advisors firms. These two excellent organizations allow us to provide the resources, support and solutions portfolio only some of the largest providers in the country can provide while allowing us to give our clients the individual attention and personal service they deserve. Both M Financial and United Benefit Advisors are “invitation only” organizations where firms are selected for membership based upon several criteria such as their integrity, knowledge and reputation. We are honored to be an M Financial firm for over 40 years and we have many close strategic relationships with local UBA firms.

For over 40 years the experts at Pappas Financial have served the unique needs of Detroit area families and businesses. We invite you to explore our web site and contact us to learn more about how we can help you.

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Norman A.

President and CEO

“70% of all businesses fail to survive to the second generation, and 85% fail to get to the third generation. Our job is to help families retain their businesses for generations to come.”

Email: npappas@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-8292

Neal J.

Vice President, C.O.O. and C.T.O

“For over 50 years we have built our business on always doing what is in the best interest of our clients.”

Email: nrobin@pappasfinancial.com
Phone:(248) 539-8290



“Failure to think ahead could put half your wealth at risk. We help clients properly fund any remaining tax liability through the most efficient and cost-effective methods.”

Email: amarra@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-8278


Vice President Investments

“Investing one’s money is never easy and we take that responsibility very seriously. It is our job to research markets, money managers, private placements and the entire investment landscape to offer our clients our best ideas for investing in the current environment.”

Email: gfeldman@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-9258


Vice President of Client Relations

“Inforce policy management and policy reviews are critical. Decreasing interest rates and improved mortality charges can affect policy performance, so it is important to know where you stand.”

Email: ealbers@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-8286


Operations Manager

“Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for the client from the very first meeting. We are there for our clients during all phases of the account process to enhance their satisfaction and comfort with our investment services.”

Email: japple@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-9228

Our Team

Sharon BeauchampAccountant
Email: sbeauchamp@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-8266

Joi BurleighAgency Support
Email: JBurleigh@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-9237

Tammy DodgeAdministrative Assistant
Email: PFExecAssist@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248)539-8296

Andrea FormanczykClient Service Coordinator
Email: aformanczyk@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-9207

Carey GrandonCompliance
Email: cgrandon@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-9236

Janenne HowellCase Design
Email: jhowell@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-8274

Mary KlimalaInsurance Design and Analytics Specialist
Email: mklimala@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-8269

Adam OffermanFinancial Advisor
Email: aofferman@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-9287

Megan SchmittUnderwriting Coordinator
Email: mschmitt@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-8288

Sherri SchwarzClient Service Coordinator
Email: sschwarz@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-8271

Jason StebletonClient Review Specialist
Email: JStebleton@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-8268

Tawnya SterliniClient Service Coordinator
Email: tsterlini@pappasfinancial.com
Phone: (248) 539-9264

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